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Save costs and carbon footprint by upgrading your employees to our planet-friendly refurbished tech.
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What's reboxed®

The circular tech platform

We're a consumer focused recommerce platform, enabling a sustainable, more circular way for buyers and sellers to trade tech


Sell, recycle and buy reboxed® tech


All inclusive subscription payments


Trade-in tech and mobile wallet

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Why reboxed®

Business tech that doesn't cost the Earth

The cost of upgrading tech for employees is huge, both financially and environmentally. Our refurbished tech solution allows your business to upgrade sustainably whilst helping you save cash.

Up to 40% cheaper than buying new

70-Point TechCheck® and data wiped

lease or purchase with flexible payment options

Trade-in old devices for credit towards upgrades

Get data and insurance deals all one place

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Better for your pocket, better for our planet

“It’s part of our mission to change the way people own and use technology and bring tech supply into the circular economy,”

“We think business can play a big part in helping us achieve our goal of keeping 100 million devices out of landfill, so it’s important that we support business owners and employees to encourage more mindful consumption - and that we reward it, too.’

Matt & Phil - Founders

Join the refurbished revolution

If every employee in the UK used a reboxed® phone, it would save 2.5 billion worth of CO2 emissions per year.

The production of smartphones, laptops, and other smart tech is responsible for 4% of global carbon emissions and if we continue at the current rate, it is projected to account for 14% of all CO2 emissions by 2040.

By choosing refurbished for business,  you can make a big impact in helping to fight e-waste.
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