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Partnering retailers and telcos to circularity

We enable retailers and telcos to offer sustinable and commercial ciruclarity solutions at scale.
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What's reboxed®

The circular tech platform

We're a consumer focused recommerce platform, enabling a sustainable, more circular way for buyers and sellers to trade tech
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Sell, recycle and buy reboxed® tech

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All inclusive subscription payments

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Trade-in tech and mobile wallet

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Stock or sell reboxed®

Fully kitted reboxed® products

Stock and sell Reboxed® laptops, mobiles and iPads to provide your customers with a more sustainable way to upgrade tech.

Up to 40% cheaper than buying new

70-Point TechCheck® and data wiped

iPhones, Samsung, Macbooks and iPads

Trade-in old devices for credit towards upgrades

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Reboxed® Trade-in programmes

Partner with reboxed to offer your customers a best in class trade-in experience. We bring the brand and platform, you bring the customers.

B2B buyback solutions

Partnered trade-in buyback programmes

Retail in-store trade-in

Technology platform and mobile diagnostics

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Brand-led  circularity solutions at scale

Tackle circularity with reboxed and unlock the power of recommerce to increase engagement, improve customer loyalty, and achieve sustainability goals.

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Grow revenue, not emissions

Optimize your sustainability goals by closing the loop and measuring impact.

Monitor, iterate and improve business performance across sustainability, logistics or supply chain, while helping to fight climate change.

Ensure CSR impact with measurable data

Track devices circulation and performance

Measure carbon footprint and rehomed devices

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Better for your pocket, better for the planet

When you switch to reboxed we make every device carbon neutral - saving up to 87kg Co2 per device. As a B-Corp certified company, we’re committed to better business: so far, we’ve planted 30,000 trees and have supported 42 climate change projects across the world.
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