SMARTY Mobile partners with reboxed® to offer customers a great value, more sustainable way to upgrade handsets

SMARTY, the Which? recommended SIM-only mobile brand, has announced a new partnership with reboxed® that will see it offer its customers exclusive discounts on great value pre-loved and refurbished phones, through the reboxed® ‘rehome, rebox, repeat’ service. 

Millions of mobiles end up going to waste every year – lying unused in households, before eventually ending up in landfill, eating a vast carbon footprint (just one iPhone X will create 79kg of CO2 in its lifetime, roughly the same as burning 9 gallons of petrol).

reboxed® the sustainable tech company on a mission to rehome 100 million mobile devices by 2030 with its circular economy business model, is changing the way the world thinks about used tech. 

The brand allows customers to sell, swap or shop premium, trustworthy reboxed, refurbished tech while also making a greener choice and positively impacting the planet by helping to fight e-waste. 

SMARTY is partnering with the brand to offer exclusive discounts of up to £50 off reboxed® phones, for even better value to its pre-existing customers so that they can benefit from affordable handsets to accompany their great value SIM cards. 

Sayed Hajamaideen, Head of Marketing at SMARTY Mobile said “We know that SMARTY customers are already environmentally conscious, typically holding onto handsets longer than customers with other mobile networks,. Investing in a reboxed® phone also rewards the planet with 5 trees planted every time a device is purchased or sold, to offset each phone’s lifetime CO2 emissions. We’re delighted to introduce reboxed® as an official and exclusive tech partner of SMARTY and to be able to offer our customers even better value on their already competitively priced handsets.”

Its trustworthy platform also uses a 70 point diagnostic TechCheck® test to inspect, data clean and certify every handset which is sent with a 12 month warranty. 

Matt Thorne, reboxed co-founder, says “The overproduction of new devices and our obsession with having the latest tech is creating mountains of e-waste across the globe that can no longer be ignored. We wanted to create a brand that could help fight the crisis but also design a new standard for refurbished and pre-owned tech.”  

Phil Kemish, reboxed co-founder, says “People have a growing need for quality tech without the long contracts and costs associated with buying new. This, mixed with our need to make smarter choices for the planet, make the reboxed and SMARTY partnership a better way to keep up-to-date with the latest tech while making a better choice for the planet.”

The exclusive SMARTY reboxed® discount offers SMARTY customers £10 off handsets up to £300, £30 off handsets from £301 to £600 and £50 off handsets over £600.
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SMARTY is a Which? Recommended Provider for the second year in a row, and SMARTY’s plans are jam-packed with data, unlimited calls and texts. Plans also include tethering and personal hotspot, with no speed caps, on a flexible one-month plan. With SMARTY there’s no contract and no tie in, giving customers complete honesty, flexibility and simplicity. 

SMARTY is powered by Three’s strong and reliable 3G, 4G and 5G network, which delivers super-fast speeds for browsing, streaming, gaming, downloading, and emailing.  

The SIM-only network is on a mission to put the trust back into the mobile industry, by doing things differently . SMARTY believes there’s a better way to do things; great value, simple plans, transparent pricing and flexible 1-month plans. On SMARTY, customers don’t need to worry about a hefty bill or nasty surprises at the end of the month – it’s simple, honest mobile. 

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